The New Work of HR: Artificial Intelligence & Exponential Change

Keynote-Vortrag von Gary Kildare, Chief HR Officer, IBM Europe

The world's professionals have more information available to them than ever before. And until now, no human could possibly consume all the available information to make the best decisions. Combine all that information with dramatic improvements in AI and the cloud, and exponentially improved outcomes are now possible, in every field. Human resources is no exception, and we also need to address the fact that every profession in every industry in every part of the world is changing, simultaneously. We will need to help students and workers acquire the skills to engage safely, securely and effectively with AI systems, and to do the new kinds of work that will emerge in a transformed economy.

Gary Kildare is an energetic and progressive business leader who has worked around the world and has over 30 years of international experience. Originally from Falkirk, Scotland, he joined the IBM Corporation in the UK. He has deep experience of transformation, acquisitions, change management, leadership and enterprise risk management. He has served as Chief HR Officer for Global Business Services (IBM's fastest growing consulting services organisation), Global Vice President of HR for Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific with accountability for over 430,000 employees worldwide, Chief HR Officer for Global Technology Services Division and is currently Chief HR Officer IBM Europe. He is actually based in Madrid and is a member of IBMs Growth & Transformation Team (a group of Senior Executive appointed by the CEO to provide Global Leadership across a variety of strategic areas).