Visitor registration

Visitor registration Zukunft Personal 2017

Advantages of registering online: Save time and money!

Register now to receive a cheaper ticket: 1 Day-Ticket for EURO 75 instead of on-site registration EURO 90! Multi-Day-Ticket for EURO 120 instead of on-site registration EURO 140!

Please also use this screen to redeem vouchers for free or reduced price tickets that you may have been given by one of our exhibitors or through any other marketing channel.

Important Information: You will be charged for your ticket upon arrival on-site.

Should you not be able to visit the exhibition after your registration for whatever reason, you will NOT be charged. All tickets not redeemed on site will simply lose validity. Unfortunately it is not possible to raise invoices for your admisison ticket in advance. In the unlikely event that you have selected the wrong ticket type (e.g. single instead of multi day), simply re-register, and discard the incorrect ticket safely.

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