European Prize for Training, Consulting and Coaching

The European Prize for Training, Consulting and Coaching sets standards in professional training! The prize has been awarded by the BDVT e.V. – the German professional association for trainers, consultants and coaches – since 1992. The prize is a contemporary and up-to-date award. It no longer limits itself to pure behavioural training. The concepts submitted describe training, consultancy or coaching activities as well as hybrid forms. It is now virtually impossible to separate the categories as the human resource development measures are closely interlinked as far as methodology is concerned. The decisive factor is that a method works and it can be shown how it works. In this connection, the setting plays an important role. The practical requirements of a small company and a large corporate group are fundamentally different.  

Benefit as an applicant and therefore potential award winner from the marketing effect of the BDVT award: improved benchmarking comparability, greater transparency, precise questioning, professional advice on submissions and a jury that views an activity through the eyes of the customer.  

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