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The workplace is undergoing radical changes. Digitalisation and globalisation not only call for organisational changes but also a rethink of the structural and spatial aspects of the workplace. Employees are looking for more flexible structures and want to have a say in the design of their working environment. The tech giants in Silicon Valley have long regarded the design of flexible working and spatial concepts as the task of human resource management. In the keen competition for high potentials, they want to score not only with flexibility but also with innovative concept furniture. For example, integrated sensors regulate temperature, acoustics and light conditions according to the individual needs of the employees.

But what does the office of the future look like? How do you create a visionary, high-performance workplace that respects the individual and offers employees ideal working conditions both today and in the future? In the new exhibition area “The Workplace of the Future”, Zukunft Personal shows what the office of tomorrow could look like. The collaboration with HCD Planungsgesellschaft invites visitors to experience individual spatial and design concepts on an area of over 700 square metres. Space and design concepts need to be tailored specifically to the very different working processes and areas of responsibility in the working world. Only then can the “workplace of the future” become an experience factor in the company and have an impact on Employee Experience.

Take a look at the innovative ideas and concepts for the design of different working environments in the  exhibition area – the concepts presented include meeting spaces for informal exchanges, learner-friendly environments and relaxation and fitness oases.

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StepStone Deutschland GmbH

StepStone provides millions of jobseekers with access to hiring companies. The online job platform employs more than 2.000 experts and next to stepstone.de runs online job boards in more than 20 countries.

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